NYU's StudentLink Center, First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

NYU StudentLink
2018 First-Generation College Celebration
For the 2018 First-Generation College Celebration, the StudentLink Center at NYU is inviting first-generation students to submit words of encouragement, advice, or experience through a Google form. Through a social media series, the StudentLink Center will display the stories. 
On November 8, there will also be an event where first-generation students can write a postcard to folks who they feel have helped them in their academic career. Following the event, the StudentLink Center will send the postcards out for the students. 
The StudentLink Center is a comprehensive student services center that assists students with financial aid, registrar, bursar, international student services, and study away. Therefore, at the event, we will also provide students, based on their status (freshman, sophomore, etc.) information related to administrative tips that will help them in the future. For example, reminding freshman students that they will need to file the FAFSA each year and drop/add policy that they should know.
Next year, the plan is to grow more student service programs for first-generation students at NYU, with the hope that these efforts advance first-generation student success.