UC Davis' First-Generation College Celebration
November 8


For the 2018 First-Generation College Celebration, UC Davis celebrated in three special ways!

  1. Invited 500 first-generation students, staff, and champions (supporters of First Gen) to the quad to form a giant number 1. First-gen t-shirts were offered to all registered participants.
  2. Welcomed first-generation students to perform a First Generation Monologue.  Prior to the event students attended writing sessions to develop a monologue. Visit UCD First of Many Monologues to view a snippet of the performances!
  3. Opportunity to publish a monologue, poetry or original artwork for our first, 'first of many' publication. During the winter quarter, EOP will a dinner reception to debut the unperformed work. 

The Educational Opportunity Program at UC Davis was proud to participate in the 2018 Celebration.  This celebration enabled UC Davis to mobilize in the name of hidden identity and share experiences, build a strong sense of community, and promoted unforeseen bonding among staff. There is much excitement to begin planning the 2019 Celebration!