University at Buffalo's First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

2021 First-Generation College Celebration

The University at Buffalo is proud to recognize their first-generation college students, faculty and staff. In honor of their success and achievements, UB will be hosting activities throughout the week including:

A kickoff celebration in the Student Union.
  • The UB community can show off their first-gen pride by taking a picture with the bull outside the Student Union (painted to honor our first-generation community) and sharing their photos on social media using #UBuffalo and #CelebrateFirstGen.
  • Follow along with Dima, a UB first-generation student, as she shares more about herself and the week’s events @UBStudentExp.
  • The Proud to Be First slideshow will feature some of UB’s first-generation students, faculty and staff.
Celebrating the First: Student Panel Sharing Success Stories
  • A virtual panel of UB first-generation students will share their personal stories of success and the strategies that have helped them achieve their goals.
Scholarship of First-Gens: Research into Practice
Proud To Be First Social Event in Greiner Hall
  • First generation students are invited to meet, mingle and enjoy refreshments with other first-generation students—an opportunity to network with others who may share similar experiences.
Career Design Center Workshop
  • This interactive workshop will help students begin to build their career stories and be empowered to explore. In this session they will break down some common career myths and barriers, explore internship and job opportunities, and understand the power of developing a personal brand. Students will be able to go beyond networking by learning how to make professional friends and navigate the job search process.
Proud To Be First art installation
  • The campus community will gather to celebrate the beautiful Proud To Be First art installation which recognizes UB's first generation students, staff and faculty. Registration is not required.
2020 First-Generation College Celebration

As a UB community, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to recognize our first-generation students, faculty, and staff. The 2020 National First-Generation College Celebration day falls on Sunday, November 8, but we’re not limiting this celebration to one day. Help us celebrate for the entire week! Events for the week are listed below:

Who Are First-Generation Students?
  • Showcase your First Gen pride! Take a picture with the bull outside the Student Union painted to honor our first-generation community, or take one in front of the First Gen banner on the Student Union Patio and tag #CelebrateFirstGen2020 #UBFirstGen. First-generation Faculty and Staff Slideshow for students to view in the Student Union Lobby
Celebrating the First: First Generation College Students Sharing their Secrets to Success
  • Zoom into this panel discussion which will highlight the experiences of UB first-generation college students and graduates. This program provides an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments and hear the perspectives of UB first-generation students as they discuss how they are navigating their paths to degree completion.
#UBFirstGen: Celebrating UB’s First Gen Students
  • Stop by the Student Union for a slideshow featuring our First Gen community. This slideshow will be updated regularly as first-generation students will have the chance to have their pictures taken and added to the slideshow. This slideshow will also be made available online.
First But Not Alone
  • On National First-Generation College Celebration Day, celebrate by using your own social media (hash tags #CelebrateFirstGen2020 #UBFirstGen) to recognize and support all the first-generation college students in your life. Change your profile picture for the day, tag pictures of your favorite First Gen people, post an Instagram story, create a TikTok video, make it known that you are proud to be and/or proud to support first-generation college students! 

For the latest updates on this celebration, follow @ubstudentexp on Instagram, use #UBuffalo, and visit their website to show your support!