University of Memphis' First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

2020 First-Generation College Celebration

The First Scholars program at the University of Memphis will be posting online and through our social media about our latest project: Faces of First-Gen. This is a photo project led by our students to show the diversity of our first gen faces and also the impact of first-gen students. We will do this through their images and their words as they also describe what it means to be first-gen to them and their families. Each portrait will be taken by a First Scholars alum and feature our students and also include a quote from each student about their experience as a first-gen student. Our goal is to show that though we come from a wide array of backgrounds, we are all first-gen, and we all have a voice that we want to use to continue to close the gaps and create a broader first-gen community and support network on campus.

2019 First-Generation College Celebration

For the 2019 First-Generation College Celebration, the University of Memphis will harness the momentum garnished from the 2018 celebration and host the First-generation Student fair, again, aiming to reach at least 500 first-generation students.

2018 First-Generation College Celebration

The University of Memphis will host a First-Generation Celebration featuring a First-Generation Lunch and Learn located in the University Center. First-generation students will be invited to join first-generation faculty and staff. Faculty and staff will be positioned at tables, and students will have the opportunity discuss topics such as what it means to be first-gen, how to navigate campus resources, as well as share their personal stories of identifying as first-generation and overcoming different obstacles throughout college and beyond. Through these discussions, first-generation students will not only connect with faculty and staff, but also discuss and develop methods for self-advocacy and success both on and off campus. Following this celebration, first-generation students will also be invited to Incredible Pizza where they will be able to network with other first-generation students and celebrate their achievements.

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