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Angela E. Batista, Ed.D.

Founder and CEO, Batista Consulting Services, LLC

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Angela E. Batista, Ed.D. is a proud first-generation student, learner, educator, speaker, facilitator, coach and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) consultant. Born in the Dominican Republic, she is the first person to graduate high school in her family and to attend college–holding degrees from Brooklyn College, the University of Vermont, and Nova Southeastern University. Over her career, Angela has held key roles in K-12 education, higher education, and non-profit organizations across the United States. She is the former vice president of student affairs and institutional diversity and inclusion at Champlain College and also held senior level positions at Oregon State University, the University of Southern Indiana, and Mills College. She also worked at the University of Vermont and Lynn University. Angela is also a former marriage and family therapist and an award-winning high school teacher, counselor, and administrator. She is passionate about advancing equity and access and works nationally and internationally–helping individuals, teams, and organizations to strategically design transformation, while centering relationships to self, others, their organization, and the community. Her expertise includes executive and design coaching, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) assessment and strategy development, appreciative and strategic leadership design, student affairs, and the experience of Latinx individuals in American higher education. She served as the 2020-21 NASPA Board Chair and is the editor of Latinx/a/os in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways, and Success. She enjoys reading, walking, traveling, and spending time with her dog Toby. 

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Speaker Topics

Latinx/a/o Perspectives in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways and Success

Latinx/a/os in Higher Education: Exploring Identity, Pathways, and Success addresses topics relevant to the experience of Latinx/a/o students and professionals and illustrates key elements that should be considered in the development of varied pathways to their success. Discover how authors featured in the book overcame obstacles to achieve academic success and have risen to leadership roles in higher education and beyond.

Strategies to Enhance the Institutional Advancement of Latinx First-Gen Student Success

The Latinx/a/o population is the largest and fastest-growing ethnic group in the United States, yet higher education attainment for this community is among the lowest. Whether you have already reached the Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) designation, your institution is working towards it, or you are interested in the general advancement of Latinx student success, this session can help you better understand the critical components to focus on in order to advance Latinx first-gen student success on your campus while also engaging your administrators, faculty and staff.

Identity Intersections: Moving Beyond the First Gen Checkbox

First-generation students have lots of different identities that connect them to culture, community, and others with whom they share affinities. Learn about how different identities intersect with the first-gen experience and how they can enhance overall student success.

Strategies to Support Fist-Gen Students in their Transitions to First-Gen Professional Roles

For first-generation college students, transitioning to professional roles can bring just as many uncertainties and unknown elements. This session can help leaders understand how to support first-gen students in their transition to first-gen professional (First-Gen Pro) roles.

Showing Up: Leveraging First-Gen Administrators, Faculty and Staff Experience

Leveraging and activating the experience of first-gen administrators, faculty, and staff on your campus in order to enhance first-gen student success from recruitment to graduation and beyond can help you achieve critical success in your efforts. Learn how to design and implement a strategic engagement plan to activate campus leaders in your efforts while creating experiences that can help them find more meaning in their own work experience.

Stories from the Boardroom: A Queer, Latinx Leader in the Executive Suite

Reflect with Angela as she shares her journey as a first-generation student, first-gen institutional executive, and national professional leader. Opportunities to share parts of your own journey will be included.

Just for You Customized Sessions

Angela can work with your campus to create customized session to meet your student, faculty, staff and institutional needs and enhance your efforts to advance first-generation college student success. 

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