Why First-gen?

The term “first-generation” may seem to be the newest buzzword in higher education yet, it has been actively used for decades. However, shifting populations entering higher education, continual increases in first-generation college student enrollment, the debate surrounding rising tuition and costs, and genuine desires for a rise in graduation rates and a better-prepared workforce have positioned the experiences of first-generation college students as a renewed focus across postsecondary education.

Explore the resources below and throughout the site to better understand the first-generation student experience, engage with research and data, identify support strategies, and explore why advancing first-generation student success is a desirable outcome.

The Future is First-gen

Join us by transforming higher education to drive first-generation student success effectively and equitably across education, career, and life.
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Journal & Research

Dedicated first-generation research allows for evidence-based decision-making that is critical to student success. This section highlights both foundational research and recent scholarship that informs understanding of the student experience, institutional approaches to programming, and identification of supports and barriers for first-generation students. Timely updates on public policy discussions shaping first-generation student success are also provided. In addition to the filters below, please utilize the “search” bar in the top, right corner to search by keyword, author name, or publication title.

The Journal of First-generation Student Success is available! The Journal joins other publications of NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, and is a NASPA member benefit. Visit the page to learn more about the priority submission timeline and access the latest issue.

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