Annemieke Rice, M.S.

Vice President, Campus Strategy, Campus Labs (now Anthology)

Bio: Annemieke Rice

Annemieke Rice is a self-professed data geek. Annemieke has dedicated her career to guiding colleges in their journey to use data more effectively. She currently serves as Vice President of Campus Strategy at Campus Labs, where she leverages over a decade of experience consulting with higher education institutions seeking to accelerate practice in areas including student success, learning assessment, and institutional effectiveness. She also serves as invited partner to the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education (CAS).

Annemieke arrived at Campus Labs via Northeastern University, where she led the launch of assessment culture in Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. Her on-campus roles at Northeastern provided her first-hand experience in strategic planning, retention initiatives, strategic enrollment management, academic advising, educational technology strategy and accreditation. Annemieke earned a bachelor of arts in behavioral neuroscience and journalism from Lehigh University and a master of science in applied educational psychology from Northeastern University. A prolific and engaging speaker, she has presented at more than 100 national and regional forums.

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Speaker Topics

Success Factors and Engagement Patterns of First-generation College Students

Reviews what we know about the retention success factors and co-curricular engagement patterns of first-generation students, from a strengths-based mindset.

First Step to First-gen Success: Know Your Students

Guides you through exploring the data you have about your first-generation students and determining priorities to fill data gaps.

Developing an Assessment Strategy from Scratch

Not sure where to start? Walks through the steps to consider when developing an assessment plan for your first-generation student initiatives.

Assessing Student Learning with Equity in Mind

Equips you to articulate and assess the student learning that is taking place via your programs. Incorporates equity-centered assessment concepts.


Guiding First-generation Students on a Path to Success

Takes you step-by-step through the process of outlining clear co-curricular pathways for your first- generation students.

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