Matt Donovan

Director of Educational Access Programs, Morehead State University

BIO: Matt Donovan

Matthew is the current Director of the Commonwealth Educational Oppurtunity Center at Morehead State University. Matthew is a Trio alum of EOC programs at Morehead State University. Matthew received his GED, Bachelor of Geographic Technology, and Master of Homeland Security from Morehead State University all with distinction. He is currently working on a Doctorate in Adult and Higher Education.

Prior to working in Trio, he spent 15 years as a Computer Engineer for several large technology companies. Matthew holds several certifications in technology and intelligence analysis.

Matthew is very active in his community through coaching youth sports, member of several fraternal organizations as well as several board appointees in local leadership and nonprofit organizations. Matthew currently serves as VP of KYTIO and is a member of the SAEOPP Conference, Technology, and Scholarship committees.