Sonja Ardoin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs, Clemson University

Sonja Ardoin, Ph.D. is a learner, educator, facilitator, and author. Proud of her rural hometown of Vidrine, Louisiana, her working-class, Cajun roots, and her first-generation college student to Ph.D. journey, Sonja holds degrees from LSU, Florida State, and NC State. She considers herself a scholar-practitioner of higher education; she served as an administrator for 10 years before shifting to the faculty in 2015. She currently serves as an associate professor of higher education and student affairs at Clemson University. Sonja studies social class identity, college access and success for rural and first-generation college students, student and women’s leadership, and career preparation and pathways in higher education and student affairs. Sonja stays engaged in the broader field through ACPA, AFLV, ASHE, the Center for First-generation Student Success, NASPA, and several journal editorial boards. She enjoys books, traveling, music, sports, laughing, and spending time with her husband and pup. Learn more about Sonja's work at

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North Carolina

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Speaker Topics

Becoming a More [First-gen College] Student-Ready Campus

Learn a five-step process to welcome first-gen. college students to campus and assist them to graduation, including terms, barriers, and supports.

Exploring How Jargon Influences First-gen Experiences

Recognize how higher ed lingo and acronyms can create barriers for first-gen students and families and learn how to recalibrate communication.

Success Stories of First-generation College Students

Experience the power of storytelling by learning Sonja’s first-gen story, hearing the success stories of others, and sharing parts of your own story.

First-gen is Not My Only Identity: Recognizing Intersections

Bust the myth that being first-gen is a monolithic experience by exploring how identity intersections create unique first-gen perspectives.

First-gen Foundation: Preparing Classrooms & Curricula

Prepare academic foundations for first-gen students by analyzing learning environments and curricular content for costs, representation, and jargon.

Just For Y’all: Tailored Sessions for Your Institution

Sonja is happy to work with campuses to create tailored sessions around their specific needs in serving first-generation college students.

Books, News, & Media

Books & Monographs

Scholarly Articles

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  • Ardoin, S. (2017). Priced out: Considerations for increasing low-income students’ ability to engage on campus and increase cultural and social capital. NASPA Knowledge Community Online National Conference Publication, 51-52. Retrieved from

Public Scholarship and Media Articles

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