T. Mark Montoya, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies, Northern Arizona University

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T. Mark Montoya, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Ethnic Studies in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Northern Arizona University. A first-generation college student, Montoya’s scholarship centers broadly on the US-Mexico borderlands, borderlands pedagogy, citizenship, Ethnic Studies, and first-generation student experiences. His recent publications include: “Navigating Institutional Borderlands: An Inside Perspective from the Outside (2020),” “Unlearning Racism: The Classroom as a Space for Social Transformation through Borderlands Pedagogy (2020),” “‘I Need This Chance to…Help My Family’: A Qualitative Analysis of the Aspirations of DACA Applicants (2019),” “It Takes a Nation of Millions: How to Freestyle a Hip Hop Curriculum (2019),” “Bad Fences Make Bad Neighbors: Challenging the Citizenship Regime in the US-Mexico Borderlands (2016),” “Rage, Courage, Encourage: Citizenship in the College Classroom (2016),” and “But It’s a Dry Hate: Illegal-Americans, Other-Americans, and the Citizenship Regime (2016).” At NAU, Montoya is most involved with the First-generation Learning Community, the Teaching Academy, the Commission for Ethnic Diversity, and Hip-Hop Week. Montoya also serves as Vice-president of the Association for Borderlands Studies, chair of the Northern Arizona Dream Fund, and is on the editorial board for the Journal of First-generation Student Success. His awards include the Victoria Foundation’s Outstanding Latinx Faculty Service/Teaching in Arizona Higher Education Award (2019), NAU Commencement Speaker for the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2016), NAU College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Teacher of the Year (2015), NAU Outstanding Advocate Award for First-Generation College Students (2013), and the NAU President’s Award for Ethnic Diversity (2012).

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Speaker Topics

Latinx and First-gen

The presenter will draw attention to Latinx identities and their intersections with first-generation student identities.

First-gen as borderlands

The presenter will draw attention to the border-crossing experiences of first-generation students and the many borderlands that inform their journeys.

Race/ism and First-gen

The presenter will draw attention to race/ethnicity and the racism many first-generation students face.

First-gen through Hip Hop Pedagogy

The presenter will draw attention to Hip Hop Pedagogy that inform the experiences of first-generation students.

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