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Establishing a Cyclone First-gen Campus

William Tuoy-Giel, St. Cloud Technical & Community College / The Center / December 07, 2022

O Sculpture at St. Cloud Technical & Community College

Although St. Cloud Technical & Community College (SCTCC) has been supporting first-generation college students through the TRIO program since 1997, the institution has now publicly acknowledged and recognized the achievement and resilience of the first-generation college students and their impact on the institution. This recognition was affirmed on November 8, 2022, during the First-Generation College Celebration Day, when students and faculty participated in a two-day celebration of first-generation students hosted by TRIO and Campus Life. The event was marked by presentations and a keynote address by a former TRIO alum who is also a first gen. Following the event, the institution has broadened the discussion on first-generation students, faculty, and staff, which has resulted in institutional wide support.


Looking Ahead…

In 2022, the institution embarked on expanding its horizons by joining the First-gen Forward Initiative by NASPA and the Center for First-generation Student Success to advance first-generation programs and support. Through the TRIO office, the College has established a task force to spearhead the campuswide initiative. One of the tasks implemented by the task force is the establishment of baseline data on first-generation students, faculty, and staff using a survey. So far, the preliminary results indicate that about 70% of the survey respondents are first gen among faculty and staff. As an institution, we are so pleased to see the

St. Cloud Technical & Community College TRIO Employee speaking at event
support of faculty and staff across divisions and academic disciplines for this initiative. With the help of this task force, made up of TRIO, Campus Life, Academic Support Services, and the Multicultural Center, SCTCC will be able to better understand first-generation students and provide them with campus wide support, advocacy, and visibility. The task force will take the lead in preparing activities and advance the academic and non-academic support services for first-gen students throughout the institution. It is our hope that with the support of the First-Generation Forward Initiative as well as national and regional community hubs, SCTCC will be ready to become a strong first-generation forward institution.

SCTCC was founded in 1948 as the second technical college in Minnesota. With more than ninety program options that correspond to the needed careers in the local community, the College is designed to meet the needs of the community. More than 75% of the students attending SCTCC are from the six surrounding counties, and graduates often seek employment in the local community in industries such as healthcare, business management, computer technology, manufacturing, construction, transportation, and more.

For more information on St. Cloud Technical & Community College's approach, please visit their website here.