Developing and Implementing Promising Practices and Programs for First-Generation College Students

Troy et al. / Routledge / September 2022

Promising Practices Book Cover

The purpose of the book is to provide meaningful context on developing and implementing promising practices and programs for first-generation students. This book aims to be a resource for higher education practitioners looking to develop and implement or enhance targeted programming for first-generation college students. This book does not attempt to identify a list of “best practices” for first-generation student support but identifies promising programs and practices that can be adapted at different types of institutions. Additionally, the lessons learned helps readers understand the things they need to consider and necessary steps when adapting or creating first-generation student programs for their unique campuses.

Each chapter provides detailed descriptions of the steps practitioners took to develop and implement promising programs and practices intended to support the success of first-generation college students. Authors share insights on building allies, identifying and working through challenges, and applicable takeaways that should be considered as readers look to implement similar practices and programs at their own institutions. Authors also share how they adapted their programs and activities to serve first-generation students during the COVID-19 pandemic.