First Generation Stories for Success

George Pacheco Jr. / Kendall Hunt / Jun 19, 2023

First Generation Stories for Success book cover

You will want to read this book. Students and anyone who works on any college or high school campus will find value in this book. First-generation college student numbers are on the rise all over the United States. Many institutions are already over the 50% first-generation college student threshold and growing. We have to get better at supporting this population of students. Institutions that actively choose to get better will flourish while others do not. In First Generation Stories for Success, you will find stories written by authors who were also first-generation college students and now work in higher education. The authors are a mixture of faculty, staff, and administrators sharing parts of our stories with you, hoping they will help you navigate this new world with a broader perspective. Each chapter approaches first-generation college students' barriers and applies a personal narrative to help you understand how to navigate them better. First Generation Stories for Success gives you the jump-start to start college on a more level playing field. These are our first-gen stories, and we share them for your success.