Mapping the Future of Undergraduate Career Education (In Support of First-Generation and Working-Class Students' Career Development: Navigating the Hidden Curriculum of the Workplace)

Jehangir et al. / Routledge / July 2022

Mapping the Future Book Cover

First-generation college and working-class (FGWC) students come to higher education with multiple work experiences. Many come to college having worked in various contexts – but these experiences are not reflective of the capital and career development experiences valued by employers post college. This chapter unpacks the complexity of FGWC students and their value to the future workforce while also reflecting on gaps on college campuses and with employers around how to build a bridge toward meaningful purpose-filled and equitable opportunities to launch their careers. The chapter includes recommendations for institutions and career development professionals as well as implications in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, emerging technologies, and the shifting nature of work.