Race and Rurality (Urbanormativity, College Access, and Rural First-Generation Students of Color in Northern New Mexico: A Case Study)

Bott-Lyons & Negishi Levin / Routledge / Nov 1, 2023

Rural Opportunities for College Access (ROCA) New Mexico is a week-long college access program for rural students interested in exploring out-of-state college options. ROCA started through a partnership between the college counseling department at Santa Fe Preparatory School, the Davis New Mexico Scholarship, and Northern New Mexico College. Both come to this work from their deep involvement in a network of college access professionals in New Mexico that is facilitated through the Davis New Mexico Scholarship, a full-ride scholarship to college for first-generation students from New Mexico and the largest private scholarship in the state. In 2017, he founded the Upward Bound program at Northern New Mexico College which brought him into the world of rural college access as well as the Davis New Mexico Scholarship network. As a scholar, Tobe is interested in policies, programs, and practices that expand and deepen college access and success in rural northern New Mexico.