Spring 2020 Leadership Exchange: Mission Critical: Championing First-generation Student Success

Sarah E. Whitley Ph.D., NASPA / NASPA / April 2020

Leadership Exchange magazine helps prepare chief student affairs officers for the most complex management challenges in higher education today. The magazine delivers expert news and analysis on the latest trends in student affairs, insider perspectives from leaders in higher education and management, and tips and tools for managing diverse staffs and an ever-expanding set of responsibilities. Leadership Exchange features all strategies and best practices that can be applied directly to your day-to-day operations.

In this issue:
  • Mission Critical: Championing First-generation Student Success
  • How to Succeed in Student Affairs: Practitioners Must Pursue Collaborative Preparation Programs and Lifelong Learning Opportunities
  • Essentials for Leadership: Journal of College and Character Celebrates 20th Anniversary
  • From Higher Education to Higher Calling: Mary Gonzáles Advocates for Equity, Inclusion in Texas State Legislature