Borough of Manhattan Community College's First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

Borough of Manhattan Community College

2019 First-Generation College Celebration

As BMCC plans to participate in the 2019 First- Generation College Celebration for the first time, its main idea is to provide 100 lunch vouchers to 50 first-generation college students and encourage them to invite a faculty member out to lunch on November 8. The accompanying faculty member will also receive a voucher.

The goal of this plan is to help enhance community by connecting students with faculty members outside of the classroom, supported by recent research that relationships and mentorship contribute to the success of the first-generation student population. BMCC wants first-generation student population develop a greater sense of community by building strong relationships with others (faculty, staff, administrators and students). Participating students will be asked to take selfies with faculty members, and post it to their social media using program hashtags.

BMCC will also feature this event on its social media (Twitter and Instagram: @bmcc_cuny) pages to advertise and highlight the event.

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