Indian Hills Community College's First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

Indian Hills CC FGCC

2019 First-Generation College Celebration

Student Support Services (SSS) is excited for the 2019 First-Generation College Celebration, with a couple of years under their belt the growth of the celebration is directed towards a more integral campus and community engagement regarding first-generation students. The goal is to do a build-up from the prior years, establishing a more inclusive event. We have four primary activities planned for the day.

  1. Staff/Faculty highlight signs – Our marketing team has been requested to develop signage for staff who are first-generation. The signage will include: name, college(s) attended, degree(s) and an answer to the question “What does first-generation mean to you?"
  2. Facebook staff/student videos – include videos from a variety of individuals highlighting their academic journey/career journey as a first-generation student.
  3. First-Generation Table Station in our formal lounge area (major meeting area for the campus) to disseminate “I’m First” and “First Generation Supporter” stickers and facts sheet on first-generation students.
  4. “Lunch on Us!” Event – Host a First-generation Network at Noon for the campus and community including a community member/alumni speaker who will discuss the journey of a first-generation student.

2018 First-Generation College Celebration

In 2018, Indian Hills Community College Student Support Services (SSS) worked to increase awareness for the first-generation students and build a bridge between students, staff and faculty. In addition to the social media notifications, campus-wide emails, classroom discussions and stickers IHCC’s SSS implemented staff/faculty first-generation videos. The videos highlighted IHCC staff and faculty who are first-generation which created an additional platform for discussion. The videos and social media pages can be viewed here:

2017 First-Generation College Celebration

The goal of the Indian Hills Community College inaugural First-Generation College Celebration was to introduce the campus to the concept as well as foster common ground relationships between first-generation students, staff and faculty. The Student Support Services (SSS) Program Director produced and sent an initial mass email highlighting statistical evidence regarding the difference in an academic journey for first-generation and non-first-generation students. The email encouraged open discussion in the classroom and provided a fact sheet with discussion points to elicit conversation across variant groups. The SSS department also distributed “I’m First” and “I Support First Generation College Students” stickers to staff, faculty and students across three campuses and community services centers. These stickers not only highlighted the “I am First” message but incorporated the IHCC school colors and logo with a goal of creating unity and inclusion. Each campus location was designated specific individuals open to handing out the stickers and starting discussion. Various departments across campus highlighted their staff/facility and their first-generation status or support with pictures which were placed on Facebook.


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