Kent State University's First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

2021 First-Generation College Celebration

This year, Kent State's week-long I Am First celebration is being widely promoted across the 8-campus system and will coincide with the launch of a Giving Tuesday campaign to raise funds to support first-generation students. On Wednesday, November 10th, Kent State will recognize recipients of the I Am First awards. A full calendar of events can be viewed here. In addition to promoting I Am First with t-shirts, laptop stickers and window clings, faculty and staff, will have an I Am First email signature to use during the week.

2019 First-Generation College Celebration

I’m First! Celebrate KS-YOU and Walk the Red Carpet a First Generation College student Celebration.

On Thursday, November 7, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm the College of Arts & Sciences will host I’m First! Celebrate KS-YOU First Generation Day with a red carpet and step-to background in the Bowman Hall lobby area near rooms 133 and 137, and close to the Food for Thought Cafe. First-generation students and their friends can to come and walk the red carpet, have their photo taken. Also, they will be able participate in video interviews sharing why are you proud to be a first-generation student.

These interviews and photos will be posted on social media, as well as on the A&S website. Students are also encouraged to take pictures with their cell phones and post them on their own social media, tagging @KSU_CollegeofAS.

2018 First-Generation College Celebration

The 2018 celebration, Kent State University will be hosting a campus-wide event which will include:

  • Chalk Art - sidewalk chalk will be available for everyone to write inspirational messages, sign their name, etc.
  • Celebration - formal celebration where we will give out First Gen Advocate Awards to campus partners that have and continue to support TRIO SSS and our first-gen initiatives across campus.
  • First Gen Promise - two first-generation student poets from our campus' Wick Poetry Center wrote a "First Gen Promise" poem that will be printed on a banner to display on November 8.  Also, faculty and staff will be encouraged to sign their name demonstrating their support and commitment to first-generation students.
  • Rock Painting - anyone interested in joining will be able to come with us to paint "the rock" on campus with a First Gen Day message.
  • Cookies/Cupcakes - there will be cookies and cupcakes available with the number "1" on each of them
  • T-Shirts - there will be t-shirts that say "I AM FIRST GENERATION", "FIRST GEN FACULTY", and "FIRST GEN ADVOCATE" that will be available to anyone that comes to the celebration.
  • Laptop Stickers/Labels - there will be "I AM FIRST GENERATION" laptop stickers and "FIRST GEN FACULTY"/"FIRST GEN ADVOCATE" static cling labels available - the goal is for the faculty and staff to take the static cling label and display it in their office, creating a recognizable logo that first-generation students who will see and therefore will know and feel they belong and are supported.
  • First Gen Faculty Mentoring Program - all faculty and staff will receive a survey to collect information on the representation of first-generation college graduates. The goal is to use this information to develop a First Gen Faculty Mentoring program that will connect first-generation students with first-generation faculty.

Kent State University FGCC

2017 First-Generation College Celebration

The 2017 celebration, the TRIO Student Support Services program created "I'm First" and "I Heart First" stickers to pass out around campus as well as shared photos on social media.

For the latest updates on this celebration, follow Kent State SSS, UC.AcademicDiversityOutreach, Kent State, and KSU Upward Bound on Facebook and visit their website to show your support!