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University of Arkansas' First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

2022 First-Generation College Celebration

To celebrate our First-Generation students, we are hosting events all week-long during November 7th through November 11th. We have around 9 events ran by our office and campus partners. On Monday, we will be hosting a lunch panel for First-Year First-Generation students to hear from First-Generation mentors. On Tuesday, we are hosting our 2022 First-Generation College Celebration where the campus will come together to celebrate First-Generation student successes. We will we have a photobooth, food, drinks, cake, stickers, t-shirts, buttons, First-Generation stories, information on what it means to be a First-Generation student, and more. On Wednesday, we will have a coffee and chat with faculty/staff and a personal branding workshop. On Thursday, we are hosting a cooking class for students to learn cooking skills and recipes. On Friday, we will have a letter opening event where students open letters from their families/supporters. We will ask students to read their letters on camera (if they feel comfortable) or just provide a safe space for students to read their letters. 

For the latest updates on this celebration, follow us on Instagram and use #FirstGenRazorback to show your support!