University of Bridgeport's First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

University of Bridgeport FGCC

2019 First-Generation College Celebration

In 2019, we have decided to create a First-Generation Committee which is charged with creating small and large first-generation student programming that will take place over the course of the year. We will provide faculty/staff with "First-Generation" stickers so students know who they can go to in order to discuss what it means to be first-gen and to grow their support system.

Additionally, we will host six First-Generation Friday Luncheons as an opportunity for students to ask questions, talk about their experience and successes. The University will host a week-long First-Generation Celebration week in November. This week will have several events to acknolwedge first-generation students including but not limited to an alumni highlight event and a luncheon.

In the spring, we have scheduled a first-generation student service project, where furtuer first-generation students will be matched with first-gen college students and participate in a mentoring day at the University. For graduation, graduating first-gen students will receive a First-Generation stole and celebrate their accomplishments!

2018 First-Generation College Celebration

In 2018, the University of Bridgeport hosted a First Generation luncheon with music and couches for students to sit and eat. The University also had a podcast showcasing first-generation student experiences and their successes. In addition, we put up two bulletin boards. One of the boards was dedicated to providing tips from current first-generation students to future first-feneration students. Additionally, we had a board where we posted all the resources available for the students. We also had raffles, games, and important information about programs around tables.

University of Bridgeport FGCC