Wayne State College's First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

2020 First-Generation College Celebration

Wayne State College will be officially celebrating First Generation Day this year for the first time, with a week-long celebration! The week will start on November 2nd, with "But First, Coffee;" an opportunity for students to stop by for free coffee and learn about what being first-generation means, while connecting with first-generation faculty and staff. Later that day, there will be virtual mentor panel that will be shared out with students. "TikTok Tuesday" will be an opportunity for students to celebrate their FG status with us on the popular app, with #WSCFirstGen2020. Wednesday we plan to air an "I'm First" video, featuring our FG president, leadership, faculty, staff, and some students. "Thank you Thursday" will be an opportunity for students to write a "thank you" to someone who helped get them to where they are today. Whether it was a family member, a teacher, a counselor, or an advisor, they can let them know they had an impact on them becoming a first-generation college student. Friday will feature more social media challenges. Students will have to find Willy, our Mascot, on campus and take a picture and share on social media by 2:00 p.m. for a chance to win prizes. Lastly, on Sunday, we will share a proclamation for First Generation Day at Wayne State College and TRIO Student Support Services (SSS) will host an induction ceremony for their Honor Society, also recognizing those who are first-generation students.

For the latest updates on this celebration, follow @Waynestcollege and @SSS_WayneState on Twitter and @wsctriosss on Instagram and use #WSCFirstGen2020 to show your support!