Basic psychological needs and GRIT in Peruvian university students

Frontiers in Education / January 2024

Students working on group project

The present quantitative study of predictive design aims to determine the influence of basic psychological needs and some socio-demographic variables on GRIT, in a sample constituted by scholarship students financed by PRONABEC from a private university in Lima. The GRIT Scale and Basic Psychological Need Satisfaction and Frustration Scale were applied to 865 students, 54.7% were female, the ages fluctuated between 16 and 47 years of age, 74.5% were residents in Lima. The results demonstrated that Basic Psychological Need’s satisfaction has a positive influence on GRIT. On the other hand, there is a negative relationship between the GRIT dimensions (consistency and perseverance) and BPN frustration. In addition, women and first generation students showed higher GRIT levels. This research confirms a high degree of influence of the competence needs satisfaction dimension on the GRIT and the influence of sociodemographic variables in achieving objectives.