Examining first-generation college student lived experiences with microaggressions and microaffirmations at a predominately White public research university.

Ellis, Powell, Demetriou, Huerta-Bapat, & Panter / / June 2018

Examining First-generation college student experiences

Studies have described the experiences of racial microaggressions in everyday life and on college campuses, yet prior research has not explored how microaggressions and microaffirmations are experienced by students who are first in their family to attend college. Method: This qualitative investigation of 296 open-ended survey responses described the lived experiences of first-generation college students at a large, public, predominately White institution. Results: Students experienced microaggressions in the form microinsults, microassaults, and microinvalidations, and microaffirmations in the form of microsupports, microcompliments, and microvalidations on campus. Conclusions: Study implications include the development and implementation of regular positive and intentional communications by faculty, staff, and peers on college campuses.