Exploring the Links Between Parent–Student Conversations About College, Academic Self-Concepts, and Grades for First-Generation College Students

Covarrubias, Jones, & Johnson / / April 2018

Two studies examined the link between academic self-concepts and grades (Studies 1 and 2) for first-generation (i.e., parents have not obtained a 4-year degree) and continuing-generation (i.e., at least one parent with a 4-year degree) college students, and how parent–student conversations about college related to this link (Study 2). In Study 1, based on online surveys with 102 students, we found self-concepts were positively related to grades for all students. Yet, first-generation students reported less positive self-concepts than continuing-generation students. Study 2 replicated Study 1 findings with 169 students and also revealed that first-generation students reported having less conversations about college with parents than continuing-generation students.