Social Support Among Students in a Malaysia Public University: A Preliminary Study

The Asia Pacific Journal of Curriculum & Teaching (JuKu) / March 2020

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Social support has always been an important interpersonal resources derived from one’s immediate social network. Individual need supports from external environment that may provide happiness once they are born. In this context, it can be said that social support, means getting all kinds of support and assistance from the sources that affect them such as family, friends or an important person. The purpose of this study is to examine the level of social support among students. The study group consisted of 211 respondents (156 girls, 55 males) in a public university in Malaysia. The data were collected through the English versions of Social Support Scale with Malay translation. Descriptive analysis and independent T-Test were calculated, and path analysis was performed based on the observed variables. The result showed that there was significant difference between male and female students in social support where female students had a higher level of social support than male students. The first-generation students and the non-first-generation students have no difference in the level of social support.