Three-Peat, Six Drop, and Excess Hours, Oh My! Latinx Community College Transfer Student Perceptions of State-Level Policies

Journal of Applied Research in the Community College / March 2020

UP fgen student

This paper highlights the influence of state higher education policy on student enrollment, transfer, and completion, particularly for Latinx transfer students in Texas. Specifically, the authors analyzed Latinx transfer student perceptions of four Texas higher education policies and the ways these policies played a role in how students maneuvered into and through multiple institutions, navigating their pathway to success. Findings suggest that the repercussions of various state policies can be deleterious to the mental, emotional, and financial circumstances with this group of students. Additionally, these policies do not consider the nuances of transfer from the community college to a university and how students can be unfairly penalized when strictly enforced, particularly low-income, first-generation, Latinx students.