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Using Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Educational Opportunities and Student Services in Higher Education

Barret et al., 2019 / The Journal of the Virginia Community Colleges / July 2019

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming the basis for business. Most businesses use it to improve the customer experience. The education community is just beginning to find ways to successfully implement AI for staff and students. Artificial Intelligence should be leveraged to create a better student experience. For example, Elon University uses AI to assist students with tracking previously taken courses and helps them apply the information to their course-planning (Gardner, 2018). Georgia State University uses Pounce, a chatbot built by AdmitHub, reducing summer melt by over 20% by reaching out to students via text when they have not completed tasks by certain dates (Page & Gehlbach, 2018). The use of this technology can range from help with admissions applications and FAFSA completion, class scheduling, and campus tours. Using AI within higher education will give faculty and staff the ability to be more effective and efficient when communicating with students.