The Center Urges Congress to Continue COVID-era Policies

Today's Students Coalition / September 30, 2021

Today’s students who are currently enrolled in postsecondary education are likely to be older, working, and parenting. They also face substantial hurdles to attaining postsecondary credentials, many of which have always been in place but were significantly highlighted during the pandemic. The Today’s Students Coalition—a group of 33 cross-cutting policy, advocacy, and membership organizations that have joined forces to advocate for urgently needed policy changes to better serve today's students—appreciates the steps federal policymakers have taken aimed at supporting students during the pandemic. But as the pandemic continues, we urge them to keep the needs of today’s students top of their mind in future measures. By implementing additional policy changes and expanding existing programs, Congress can ensure that today’s students are able to access the supports they need to succeed in higher education.