Creating a Campus-Wide Culture of Student Success: An Evidence-Based Approach to Supporting Low-Income, Racially Minoritized, and First-Generation College Students

Hallett et al. / Routledge / Oct 23, 2023

Book Cover Culture of Student Success

Offering a new approach to institutional practices, this book describes evidence-based strategies to create a campus culture conducive to truly supporting all students. We are at a critical crossroads in higher education, where large numbers of low-income, racially minoritized and first-generation students – referred to in this book as “at-promise students” – are attending college in greater numbers than ever, yet access has not translated to significantly improved retention and graduation rates. This book therefore proposes a realignment of existing initiatives to create campus-wide support through a new model of coordination.

The ideas presented in this book are the culmination of one of the largest studies of comprehensive college support programs for at-promise students. Chapters include illustrations of the key concepts and promising practices of the Promoting At-promise Student Success (PASS) Project, as well as guiding questions that can be used to facilitate conversations on campus. In this helpful resource, the authors address how students supports are delivered in validating ways, rather than focusing solely on what supports are offered, as has typically been the way institutions address the issues that at-promise students face.

This book is intended to provide guidance and support to educators who want to be a part of changing how higher education supports at-promise students toward increased equity.