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Teachin' It!: Breakout Moves That Break Down Barriers for Community College Students

Darling / Teachers College Press / June 2019

Teachin' It!

Teachin’ It! is a hands-on guide to cutting-edge research and classroom strategies that redress the graduation gap in community and open-access colleges. Drawing from the author’s 30 years in the education field as a math and college skills instructor, teacher educator, and researcher, this book describes an asset-based model that bolsters the success of all students, especially those underrepresented with 4-year degrees. This community includes students of color, first-generation college students, LGBTQ+ students, and students with disabilities. Readers will discover new strategies to create equitable, engaging, interactive classroom environments where students from all backgrounds are motivated to take risks, make mistakes, share their unique approaches and perspectives, and develop their own identities as powerful lifelong learners. Topics include inquiry-based learning, implicit bias, growth mindset, stereotype threat, scaffolding, college and career skills, and a community of learners.