COVID-19: An Equity Perspective

As institutions respond in haste to COVID-19, many are asking students to depart residence halls within hours and to begin online learning as alternative instruction, or are closing entirely. While a desire to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 is understandable, this leaves many first-generation students, particularly those with an intersectional low-income identity, with difficult decisions to make. Many of these students may not have permanent residences to return to, may face transportation issues or food insecurity, and are concerned about not having income from campus or local employment.

As new resources become available, we will update this page to include them. If you would like to share any resources or approaches implemented at your institution to support first-generation students, please email us.

As higher education professionals, a few important questions to ask colleagues is a good place to begin.

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We encourage you to share these considerations with your colleagues across higher education to ensure that institutions around the country continue moving #FirstgenForward during this uncertain time.

Background Information

Impact Across Higher Education