The second phase in the First Scholars Network, First-gen Forward convenes institutions with a demonstrated commitment to advancing first-generation student success. Building upon the Network Member year, First-gen Forward institutions engage in regionally-based community meetings, networking and professional development, and share knowledge as leaders in this important work. Through active engagement and meeting annual requirements, First-gen Forward institutions maintain status within this phase of the First Scholars Network.

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Regional Communities

First-gen Forward Map showing the ten (10) regional communities.

First-gen Forward institutions participate in vibrant monthly regional meetings, led by Advisory Institutions, spanning ten geographically based communities. These gatherings bring together members within their recognized regions to share experiences, offer support, and build resources. Our diverse mix of institutions ensures something for everyone in these collaborative forums.


Institutions maintain First-gen Forward status by completing annual programming requirements and meeting milestones. 

First-gen Forward institutions are encouraged to advance to the First Scholars phase of the network to experience institutional transformation. First-gen Forward institutions attend an interest meeting each year to learn about the opportunity to advance to First Scholars. However, institutions may determine their best fit is to remain in the First-gen Forward phase. 

By choosing to remain, requirements must be met annually and active engagement must be maintained. Current First-gen Forward institutions can find these requirements via Basecamp in the First-gen Forward learning hub.


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