The George Washington University's First-Generation College Celebration
November 8

GW 2017 First-gen Celebration

2017 First-Generation College Celebration

The George Washington University (GW) hosted a "First Gen Day" on November 8th, 2017 and invited first-generation students to participate in a photo booth, mingling with other first-generation students, enjoy snacks as well as meet with faculty and staff involved in the First-Generation Faculty Staff Alliance at GW. Students were able to meet staff members from different departments across campus, including the Center for Student Engagement, and take pictures with fellow first-generation students, holding up signs about what it meant to be a First-Generation student to each individual.


2018 First-Generation College Celebration

This year, they are planning a weeklong celebration, rather than just one day. The plan is to host events that bring the first-generation community together, to bond, and reflect on shared experiences, and hopefully attract the attention of more students on campus to grow the community. They are continuing to broaden the First-Generation Faculty-Staff Alliance across the GW community so that different partners and departments around campus can get involved in mentoring and supporting GW's First-Generation students! In addition to the weeklong celebration, GW will also foster an increased online presence in the community by implementing a social media plan to connect with students and faculty in different ways!


GW's 2017 First-Generation College Celebration